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A Better Way to Tour!
Super Value Tours is a US-based tour design company specializing in creating the best tours to Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. For destinations where traveling on your own may be difficult, we design our tour programs to overcome these barriers and introduce you to the best of each location.

The Super Value Tours Difference
Creating the best quality experience is our top priority. In order to accomplish this, we believe we have to do things directly. The factor which sets us apart from ordinary travel companies is we only operate our tours directly. Rather than contract to third party land operators, we design and operate all our tours ourselves. Having our own land operations and expert guide team for each destination means we can guarantee a high-quality travel experience for our guests.

Our Tour Design Philosophy
Even more than the value of the dollar, we appreciate the time our guests spend when they are traveling with us. We deeply value these opportunities and incorporate our core philosophies into tour design.

No Tourist Traps:
No matter if you are just starting out your bucket list or have already finished most, time is precious to everyone. That’s why we include only the most worthwhile places on any of our tours.

Experience the Ungoogleable:
We are lucky to live in an age where so much great information is available online. However, having the best travel experience is reliant on having access to fresh information you can only get by being in a local destination. When we design our tours, we are constantly looking for the best new things to introduce to you.

Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist:
At its core, travel is about exchanging cultures and ideas. We do not believe joining a tour means you have to feel like a tourist. We are always seeking the best ways to share local cultures with our guests.

Food is a big part of every culture, and we simply love to eat! From local favorites in modest street stalls to 3-starred Michelin restaurants, we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy seeking the best foods to share with our guests.

From our carefully planned itineraries (designed to avoid crowds and tourist traps), hand-picked meals, to our centrally-located hotels, we curate each aspect of our tours in detail, in the hopes of giving our travelers the best trip possible.

We are proud to say we are an award-winning tour operator for Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia, and also 5-star rated on